Offering a variety of solutions to benefit you

BXA delivers deep industry expertise to each and every client. It’s an innovative mix of intellectual and technological strength enhanced by a fresh perspective that prepares BXA for your needs, challenges, and expectations.

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Group Health

Group health coverage from BXA enables organizations to provide health benefits to their employees and their dependents.

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BXA understands that it's much easier to smile when your mouth is healthy. That's why we offer dental insurance plans to individuals and groups.

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Covering individuals and groups, vision insurance from BXA helps pay for vision-related services and treatments.

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Group Life

BXA offers group life policies as single contracts typically owned by an employer and covering an entire group of employees.

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ACA & HR Compliance

We’ll help keep you abreast of the changing and often confusing compliance environment.

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Business Owner Policies

Combining business property and liability coverage, business owner policies from BXA offer comprehensive coverage as well as peace of mind.

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When it comes to disability insurance, BXA believes in being prepared with a comprehensive disability plan that covers expenses in the event of a disability.

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Employee Advocacy

Dedicated support you can rely on.

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Employee Resource Center

We advocate for our clients and their employees in a way that’s uncommon in the insurance industry.

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HR Technology

Bring your HR department into the next generation with custom-tailored technology solutions.

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Alternative Funding Strategies

BXA offers numerous alternative funding strategies to assist employers and employees better manage their healthcare costs.

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Life Insurance & Estate Planning

Effectively transfer wealth.

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Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement coverage from BXA is designed to provide additional coverage to individuals who depend on Medicare for their primary insurance.

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Program Implementation

BXA can assist with program implementation by customizing a wellness program specific to your employees’ needs and health care data.

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Renewal Management

Our proactive approach helps us to deliver consistent renewals.

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The BXA team understands that retirement is not one size fits all. We listen to your goals, timing, and lifestyle to find tailored retirement plans.

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Voluntary Benefits

BXA has an in-house division focused entirely on voluntary benefits to determine which options will improve employee attraction and retention.

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The BXA team offers a variety of wellness programs to employers who want to proactively promote employee wellness and encourage healthy lifestyles.

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