Payroll and HR Solutions

While payroll companies with a one-size fits all strategy may meet some employer’s needs, it may not meet yours. As a Trusted Advisor, we have nearly 100 combined years of payroll experience within our benefit teams – by far the most of any benefits insurance agency in our market. Why is this important to you? Because as a Trusted Advisor, we know what works and what doesn’t work with the companies touting payroll and full integration Human Capital Management (HCM) systems.

As part of our services, we advise our clients on payroll platforms and will help them make the right choice that fits their needs both financially and operationally.

Currently we have clients on nine different payroll platforms; many of these platforms were selected because of their industry specialization. We have been able to assist with integrating ACA measurement rules, 1095C data and most importantly a high quality benefits administration system.

When it comes to supporting the entire life cycle of benefits management, BXA is the only agency that walks the walk and talks the talk from start to finish.

Our Services Include

  • Identifying and selecting the right payroll technology
  • Price and contract negotiations
  • Implementation support
  • Solving ACA obstacles
  • Integration to Benefits Administration system
  • Trouble shooting EDI carrier feed finger-pointing