About Property & Casualty (ECIS)



(ECIS) was formed with the simple axiom – “return control of their company back to the executive/owner in charge.” Owners have felt for quite some time that they were losing the battle against the insurance companies escalating rates, workers comp issues and other employee related concerns. There has crept into business leaders minds the inevitability of this rising tide of costs of doing business with no hope of reversing the trend. ECIS was born with over 100 years of collective wisdom and experience possessed by its Management Team that has been focused on turning the tide of this ever increasing and relentless escalation in the “wasteful and unproductive “cost of doing business. Our no-nonsense, proven and aggressive program starts immediately to reduce cost and most importantly repair the root causes of the problem for a permanent long-term fix.

We realize brokers just don’t have the resources and expertise to provide the essential back room services needed to overcome the “out-of-control” Worker’s Compensation system that is “rigged” against you the employer. So ECIS was formed out of a partnership with Employer Support Group, a Twenty-two year old “state of the art” back room national services company, and Armstrong/Robitallie/Riegle, a thirty-year old insurance brokerage that has the best front room in the industry.

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